Hulu Plus is an online streaming service provided by Hulu.com. It provides thousands of TV episodes including the entire season of popular and classic shows such as The Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, Modern Family, Glee, House and Lost. With Hulu Plus, you can directly watch these TV shows on your HDTV, Xbox, iPhone, iPad, Wii, PS3, Nintendo 3dS, Roku and more. To start enjoying the great services, you need to activate Hulu Plus on your devices first.

If you would like to activate Hulu Plus on your digital device, such as Roku, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Panasonic TV, LG TV, Sony Blu-ray, PS 3, Vizio, or Tivo box, just follow these simple steps to activate it online at  www.Hulu.com/activate to start enjoying the great benefits of Hulu Plus.

How to activate:

First, download the Hulu Plus app on your device and follow the instructions to install it. For example, if you have a Roku you need to add Hulu plus from Roku Channel Store, and if you have a PS3 you need to download it from the PlayStation Store.

Second, launch the Hulu Plus app and click on the login button. Then it will show you an exclusive Activation Code.

Third, open the website www.Hulu.com/activate in a standard web browser from your computer or mobile device and sign in with your Hulu.com account. If you don’t have one, click on the “Sign up here” button to create a new account. Once logged, enter the Activation Code you got and click “Activate”.

Finally, your device will be automatically logged in to your Hulu Plus account and you can start to enjoy one month free trial of Hulu Plus service.

Please note: Different devices may have some difference. If you need more help, call Hulu Plus customer service 1-877-719-2773.

Please note: Your Hulu Plus membership is only $7.99 a month after your trial. If you don’t want to continue the service, remember to cancel it.




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