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REVITIVE Circulation Booster


Do your legs and feet get tired so quickly you can’t walk? Do you have to regularly grab a chair to sit down after standing for too long? If you have been suffering from poor circulation in your legs, you know how painful this can get. This is where REVITIVE can be highly beneficial to you. REVITIVE is guaranteed to make you forget you ever suffered from such pains.


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Leg pains can start due to a variety of reasons including age factor, sitting idle for long hours, medical conditions etc. REVITIVE Medic Circulation Booster is a well-built device with two foot pads to place your feet. It uses a simple and effective technique of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) whose movements stimulate the nerve endings in your foot and calf muscles, thereby allowing these muscles to contract and relax. This stimulated movement creates a pumping action, allowing the blood circulation in your muscles to increase significantly. 94% of those who tried REVITIVE have purchased it because of its effectiveness.

Features of REVITIVE Circulation Booster:

FDA Approved REVITIVE is cleared for use at home without supervision due to its easy set up and no side effects.
Advanced 20o IsoRocker? system fitted to allow for movement of ankle joints along with calf muscles.
99 different intensity levels to cater to the use and comfort of young and older customers.
NEW Cordless Freedom to allow for greater mobility to carry outside the house and for travel use.


Easy set up

REVITIVE is so easy to set up and use, you may not even have to read the instructions! No difficult set up equipment is required for REVITIVE.


REVITIVE Cordless Freedom makes it possible to use it comfortably anywhere and can now be carried with you so you can use it on any flat surface, even while you’re seated in the car.

Remote Controlled

REVITIVE comes with a remote control so you can sit back, relax and control the intensity levels and forget about other hassles of operation. Simply place your feet on the two electrical pads and turn the device on through the remote.

Warranty, shipping and returns

REVITIVE comes with a two year warranty and free shipping with no minimum order requirement and hidden charges. Not only this, but REVITIVE Promises a refund, including return shipping within 60 days if you are unsatisfied with using the product for 20 minutes every day.


RE is a device promising to make your life better with daily usage of just about 20-30 minutes every day. With so many prescriptions and drugs on the market for managing pain, here is a device that guarantees to improve lower muscles pain with only the use of electrical pulses and no side effects at all. Add to that the easy payments and warranty, this product seems like a definite worthy investment.

How to order REVITIVE Medic Circulation Booster:

You can order a REVITIVE Medic with 4 easy payments of $82.50 ($330 in all) through the website www.tryrevitive.com. But if you order it through Amazon, you just need to pay $254 only!



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